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L’intelligence artificielle en support des achats
15 December 2020
Artificial intelligence in support of purchases
Driven by the explosion of available data and the lower cost of computing power, artificial intelligence is sweeping through many areas. After consumer applications, it is now spreading in digital solutions of the professional world, especially in shopping. www.procure.ch
Avis d’expert : Une nouvelle ère digitale s’ouvre pour les achats des ETI
9 December 2020
Expert opinion: A new digital era is opening up for ETI purchases
A growing number of ETIs and SMEs are relying on digital solutions to deploy good purchasing and procurement practices and optimize their performance. If the stakes are close to those of the large groups, their specificities and their more limited resources require specialized offers.
Avis d’expert : Les outils de “Digital adoption” accélèrent le déploiement des solutions
6 July 2020
Expert opinion: Digital adoption tools accelerate the deployment of solutions
The advent of cloud and advanced programming techniques has facilitated the development of a new generation of tools that are both more powerful and easier to implement and use. Growing business interest has done the rest.
Les digital adoption platforms boostent l’expérience numérique
29 June 2020
Digital adoption platforms boost the digital experience
In order to promote the digital acculturation of companies, applications propose to guide employees in the meanderings of graphical interfaces. An emerging market in which start-ups Pendo, Whatfix and WalkMe are positioned.
[Avis d’expert] La transformation digitale intègre la dimension “bien-être” aux achats
27 January 2020
[Expert opinion] Digital transformation integrates the "well-being" dimension with shopping
Le trop-plein d'outils digitaux ne risque-t-il pas de générer un stress supplémentaire ? Les solutions digitales peuvent en effet à la fois servir et desservir le bien-être. Une vraie "hygiène" digitale s'impose afin que les équipes ne se sentent pas dépassées...
Forum SAP Ariba – De l’achat guidé à l’achat automatisé
1 November 2019
SAP Ariba Forum - From Guided Buying to Automated Purchasing
Among Ariba's clients who came to show their journey in Levallois-Perret, at SAP's French headquarters, Nokia and Safran presented projects of different magnitudes, with the common point of efficiency and time freed up for buyers. The RPA robots implemented by Safran Purchasing were developed with the help of Acxias...
[Avis d’expert] La maturité digitale des fournisseurs, facteur clé de succès d’un projet digital achats
25 September 2019
[Expert opinion] The digital maturity of suppliers, key factor in the success of a digital purchasing project
To enable purchasing departments to achieve their performance objectives, digital collaboration with suppliers has become crucial. However, their maturity in the field of e-commerce remains generally low, despite multiple advantages on both sides...
Les achats de Safran à la pointe de la RPA
8 July 2019
Safran's purchases at the forefront of RPA
The purchasing digitalization agency Acxias announces the deployment of two RPA (Robotic Process Automation) robots by Safran to automatically convert part of its purchase requests into orders in SAP Ariba.
Quand la digitalisation transforme les achats
25 June 2019
When digitalization transforms shopping
Faced with ever-higher performance and competitiveness targets in an increasingly regulated global economy, purchasing managers are forced not only to change their practices but also to deploy ever more efficient digital solutions.
Intelligence artificielle une révolution humaine
24 June 2019
Artificial intelligence a human revolution
It makes the buzz ... but what does the concept of artificial intelligence actually cover? A real revolution that will no doubt change our daily lives but also the trades. Today, all large companies are thinking about how to integrate AI to automate and optimize purchasing processes...
[Business case] Les achats de Safran à la pointe de la RPA
21 June 2019
[Business case] Safran's purchases at the forefront of RPA
Safran has deployed two RPA (Robotic process automation) robots, with the help of Acxias, to automatically convert part of its purchase requests into orders, in SAP Ariba...
Acxias lance son baromètre de la maturité digitale des fournisseurs
26 November 2018
Acxias launches its barometer of the digital maturity of suppliers
The digital purchasing agency specializing in the digitization of purchases and "procure-to-pay" processes Acxias announces the launch of the first survey campaign for its barometer of the digital maturity of suppliers...
[Tribune] La data au cœur des enjeux de performance achats et des nouvelles réglementations
19 November 2018
[Tribune] Data at the heart of purchasing performance issues and new regulations
Realizing the impact of the quality of the information manipulated on their performance, the function places increasing importance on the tools and methods to consolidate, clean, structure and enrich the bases...
[Tribune] Les Business networks fluidifient les relations achats-fournisseurs
25 October 2018
[Tribune] Business networks streamline buy-to-supplier relationships
Promoted by a growing number of players in the digitalization of purchases, the concept of "Business networks" has been gaining momentum in recent years and is shaking up the ecosystem of tools for steering the buyer-supplier relationship...
Participez au « Baromètre de la maturité digitale des fournisseurs »
16 October 2018
Take part in the "Digital Supplier Maturity Barometer"
This barometer, launched by Acxias, aims to measure the ability of suppliers to collaborate with their customers through digital tools and channels. All companies, regardless of their industry and size, are invited to participate.
[Tribune] IA… pour Intelligence Achats (augmentée !)
25 September 2018
[Tribune] IA... for Intelligence Purchases (enhanced!)
With AI, a new milestone is being reached, which aims to assist buyers in their data analysis and operational tasks: research, extraction, classification and analysis of information, automation of entire sequences of activities...
[Tribune] L’écosystème des solutions digitales achats, en pleine effervescence
20 December 2017
[Tribune] The ecosystem of digital purchasing solutions, in full swing
The hundred or so publishers present on the French chessboard of digital purchasing solutions are divided according to a new configuration, taking into account, among other criteria, their location, their specialization and their functional coverage...
[Tribune] L’e-achat, un marché tiré par l’essor du digital
1 November 2017
[Tribune] E-shopping, a market driven by the rise of digital
Riding the wave of digitalization, the purchasing software market is experiencing an unprecedented dynamic, with an increase in renewal or first deployment projects. A look back at twenty years full of small stories and great twists...
[Dossier] Les outils au service des acheteurs
19 September 2017
[File] Tools for buyers
Le point sur les bénéfices que l'on peut attendre des 4 quatre couches principales d'un système d'information achats : les processus opérationnels "source-to-contract" et "procure-to-pay", ainsi que les différents volets de pilotage de la fonction et de gestion de la relation fournisseurs...
[Tribune] Treize leviers d’action pour les achats
19 June 2017
[Tribune] Thirteen levers of action for purchases
From the purchasing strategy to the integration of new skills, through the extension of the purchase coverage, risk mapping, the challenge of need, the management of administrative costs or better contract management: 13 levers to make the purchasing function more efficient...
[Tribune] Les achats face aux défis du numérique
23 May 2017
[Tribune] Purchasing in the face of digital challenges
Purchasing must meet the multiple challenges, and in particular, address the challenges of digitalization of activities. To do this, new talents are needed, but also new tools that it is imperative to master to effectively meet expectations and maximize gains...
[Tribune] Les nouveaux défis économiques et opérationnels des achats
3 May 2017
[Tribune] New economic and operational purchasing challenges
The company relies on purchases to identify and control risks, and more generally to contribute to its competitiveness and generate increasing added value, in line with the objectives and strategy of the organization. A round-up of the (many) challenges to be met...
[Tribune] Les achats, une fonction désormais mature
18 April 2017
[Tribune] Purchasing, a now mature function
In three decades, the purchasing function has been structured and professionalized to respond to new challenges mainly related to the globalization of trade and the proliferation of players. The democratization of tools has contributed to this rise in maturity...
Blockchain : vers une nouvelle révolution dans les outils e-achats
8 February 2017
Blockchain: towards a new revolution in e-shopping tools
New technologies are changing the direction of purchasing and their solutions. The blockchain could well be the newest to come in organizations, as early as 2017...

Acxias press releases

Acxias et Argonaute fusionnent et donnent naissance au premier prestataire français spécialiste des solutions SAP Ariba
16 July 2020
Acxias and Argonaute merge to create France's leading SAP Ariba solutions provider
Acxias, digital purchasing, and IT consulting and services company Argonaute announce their merger to create the French leader in studies, projects and third-party application maintenance (TMA) of the SAP Ariba solution.
Les achats de Safran à la pointe de la RPA avec le soutien d’Acxias
18 June 2019
Safran purchases at the forefront of RPA with acxias support
The purchasing digitalization agency Acxias announces the deployment of two RPA (Robotic process automation) robots by Safran to automatically convert part of its purchase requests into orders, in SAP Ariba. The high-tech group's purchasing management had begun to address the opportunities offered by automated robotics in mid-2018, with the aim of improving and speeding up the processing of some of its stable and robust processes.
ACXIAS se dote d’un centre d’expertise RPA
23 May 2019
ACXIAS acquires RPA centre of expertise
The purchasing digitalization agency ACXIAS announces the establishment of a center of expertise RPA (Robotic Process Automation), composed of a team of several engineers specialized in Source-to-contract processes[1] and Procure-to-pay[2] under the technical direction of Guillaume Vassaux.
Acxias lance son Baromètre de la maturité digitale des fournisseurs
11Th October 2018
Acxias launches its Supplier Digital Maturity Barometer
Acxias, an exclusive consulting firm specializing in digitalization of purchases and procure-to-pay processes, announces the launch of the first survey campaign for its Supplier Digital Maturity Barometer. Conducted in partnership with several major contractors (RTE France, Safran, Veolia Water Technologies, etc.), but open to all companies regardless of their industry and size, this survey aims to measure the ability of suppliers to collaborate with their customers via digital tools and channels.
Acxias lance le Club des Acteurs de la Digitalisation des Achats
9 November 2016
Acxias launches the Purchasing Digitalization Players Club
Acxias, a specialist consulting firm, announces the creation of the Purchasing Digitalization Players Club. Reserved for purchasing departments and their teams, this community aims to foster interactions between professionals of the function (forums, workshops, etc.) and to offer a set of business content. Its creation follows acxias' publication of its book "Digitalization of Purchasing - Issues, Good Practices and Solutions" and a first evening of Thematic Workshops held on September 20.
La digitalisation des achats – Enjeux, bonnes pratiques et référentiel des solutions Acxias fait sa rentrée… littéraire !
13th September 2016
Digitalization of purchases - Issues, good practices and repository of Acxias solutions is making its comeback... Literary!
Acxias, a consulting firm specializing in purchasing, announces the publication of its new book on the evolution of the function and its computerization: "THE DIGITALISATION OF ACHATS - Issues, good practices and repository of solutions."
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